Infoinci(Information Management of Incidents)

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InfoInci (Information Management of Incidents) is a useful tool to identify key trends buried in large volumes of data, which lets users dedicate the bulk of their time and attention on the most probable cases. Better yet, continuous improvement in incident tracking detection means that businesses are becoming better at minimizing workplace incidents. May it be noted that InfoInci comes with features those are must for an Indian situation.

Being an enterprise package, it will be on your server. Runs on intranet, like any ERP or MRP package.

Pending Reports
Activity Alerts
Escalation Alerts

InfoInci (Package for generating database, Root Cause Analysis, & Reports)

Helpful for entire cycle

  • "Menu Driven" Root Cause Analysis,
  • Collection of information; from Near Miss to Catastrophe,
  • On failure Escalation mails to seniors
  • User friendly organogram.

It also collects and collates the information such as injured persons/witnesse's name etc.

Classification categories.

  • First Aid Medical Treatment
  • Work Restriction
  • Lost Time Accident
  • Reportable Injury
  • Permanent Disablement Case,
  • Fatal
  • Dangerous Occurrence.(As per State Factories Rules)

TREND ANALYSIS to identify pattern and prevent recurrence. TOOL for right conclusions and recommendations.Takes care of statutory compliance..

Other Features-

  • Menu Driven Root Cause Analysis On-line filling of information related to range of incidents. No chance to miss any deficiency gaps – human failure, system failure, lack of training, behaviour etc. over and above the engg. gaps
  • Pre-populated fields as per site related base data.
  • Authorized users only can access and edit.
  • Standardisation of data as per applicable IS code (Classification of accidents, injuries etc.)
  • Carrying out HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) as per OHSAS preferably for near misses.
  • Configurable hierarchy across the site/company
  • Generation of points for CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action) and monitoring and ensuring the compliance aspect of the same, by emails.
  • Choice for approval of investigation, if desired, for selected Incidents, by seniors.
  • Reports & Statistics.
  • Facility to export Reports & Graphs; in Excel
  • History view to show history of previous incidents.
  • Facility to upload “Proof document” such as photos, enclosures, etc., in history view.
  • Dash board - Shows period based tasks due, compliance status, delays or non-compliances.

Reports and Analysis

  • InfoInci Detail Report
  • Timewise Report
  • Age-wise Report
  • Department-wise Report
  • Shift-wise Report
  • Site-wise Report
  • Month-wise Report
  • Year- wise Report
  • Quarter-wise Report
  • Investigations Report
  • IS Classification Report
  • IS - Location of Injury Report
  • IS - Nature of Injury Report
  • IS - Type of Accidents Report
  • IS - Agency Report
  • IS - Unsafe Act Report
  • IS - Unsafe Material or Physical Condition Report
  • IS - Unsafe Personal Factor Report
  • Frequency Severity Rate Report

Reports and Analysis

  • Indication of specific types incident, making it easy for reporting to Statutory Authorities.
  • Defined input menu / tabs for all types of incidents. Specific data entry screen for the type of incident.
  • Finds details of injured worker easily and fast - Sort by name, date of injury, injury description and site location, is possible.
  • Recommendations can be tracked according to role assigned and due date.

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